protect me from evil

While waiting for the comp zip to download, I fell into a deep sleep.

In my sleep I had a dream. I dreamed of IF comp.

IF comp was beautiful. But as I stepped closer, I discerned a shadow hanging over IF comp.


I turn to look at the disturbing, intriguing darkness. There is something infinitely appealing about the idea of losing yourself, surrendering your own thoughts and opinions, your very judgement.

IF comp eyes me anxiously as the war between Good and Evil rages in my soul.


If only there was something I could wield to protect IF comp from evil.


If this is a subtweeting thread, I’d really like to know what about, instead of innuendo.

Yeah, I sense subtext, but I don’t know what it is. I’d like to know what I’m supposed to be in denial about when I think “What evil?”

Slashed air screams–
–I climb into full wakefulness gradually. As the dream departs I’m left with mere fragments of sense.

Lying in the dust, unused.
One side is dark - like the night between Stars.
A glint seen out of the corner of my eye.
One side is bright and shining - a perfect image of ugliness hastily denied.
A bloody head.

The dream was over. I opened my eyes. My comp zip had downloaded. Now I could play games.