Proposed stack exchange site for Interactive Fiction

I’m happy for the points to match Stack Exchange. I had a first pass at making them a bit more Stack Exchange-like a couple of days ago, as the Q2A defaults were even more different, but it wasn’t something I spent a lot of time on, so I’m happy for it to be tweaked.

Okay, I’ve adjusted them to be much more similar to Stack Exchange, and it does mean that some people’s points are greatly reduced now!

You get:
5 points per upvote on your questions
10 points per upvote on your answers
-2 points per downvote on your questions/answers
2 points when you select an answer on your questions
15 points if an answer of yours gets selected
-1 points for downvoting answers

I’ve been adding non-technical, newbie-type questions to the site (because those are the ones I can most easily answer) along the lines of “Where can I find testers?” and “How do I find games where you can’t die or get stuck?” Are there other simple questions that get asked a lot that people would like to see added?

I feel like there are probably enough seed questions now for the site not to look empty. I think it’s time to promote it in the development boards here.

So how relevant would future seed questions be? Can/should we take it easy? I’m not sure whom to ask about this, but I think a seed question every now and then can be helpful. Though too many of course could push the real questions back.

Still, it’s great to see 2 pages’ worth so far.

I guess my concern with some of the seed questions is that some aren’t that great quality. If it was Stack Exchange (and it’s not, so our voting culture doesn’t need to be exactly the same) some would get downvoted for lack of research, and some would get closed as too opinion based. I’m thinking for example of questions which just point to Emily’s blog.

But some seed questions could be good: a simple but comprehensive guide to adding a new action in Inform 7. Questions like this really don’t need to be asked dozens of times here. Not that the Q&A site will prevent duplicates from being asked, but at least they can be closed.

Someone might review past questions asked here and copy them to the ifanswers site.


So IFAnswers uses a WYSIWYG editor for posts currently, and I don’t think it supports preformatted text (Like code tags in phpbb). Is there some way to switch to, say, markdown?

I copied a block of code from this forum onto the IFAnswers site and it wound up formatted as code. It was very tetchy, though–everything after it also wound up formatted as code, and the only way I could find to turn it off was to copy a paragraph break from elsewhere in my post and then delete some extraneous stuff. So this wasn’t really a great workaround.

I think they are planning to change the editor.

Yup, a Markdown editor is at the top of my list - I should be able to add it at the weekend (unless Dannii wants to set it up before then).

Syntax highlighting and ``` syntax for code blocks would be great too, though I don’t think Rouge/Pygments supports I7. It shouldn’t be hard to add though.

Pygments 2.0 supports I6, I7, and T3.

It’s I7 support is buggy though. It gets confused about comments with text substitutions in them. Do we know who added the code for it?

But for the Q&A site it’s not like to be a problem cause most code excerpts will be shorter, and not included commented out say phrases.

I don’t know.

I wrote an alternate I7 lexer module for Pygments 2. (The ZarfI7Lexer class in … .) Dunno if that’s easy to install.

You’d have to modify the local copy of Pygments in the server to add the modified lexer. If it’s a lexer just for I7, probably after merging it with the i6 and tads lexers already in the file with the i7 lexer. Why not merge in your fixed lexer and submit a pull request to Pygments?

Edit: If you’re too busy, I could do it (with your permission of course). I’m posting IF stuff on a Jekyll blog now, and having a correct lexer for I7 code would be useful, but figuring out how to write lexers for Pygments/Rouge/Highlight.js hurts my brain.

I said it was an alternate version, not an improved version. (It does fix the bug with nested square brackets.)

I’ve now added the Markdown editor plugin. I’ve enabled the support for highlight.js which does syntax highlighting - it seems there’s no support for Inform with this though.

Integrating Pygments would probably require creating a custom plugin for Question2Answer. I’m happy to add this if somebody wants to write one.

I’ve written a language definition file for highlight.js for Inform 7. Someone more familiar with the nooks and crannies of the language might want to see if it breaks under duress, though I don’t think I7 has any ridiculous things that lead to stupid corner cases. It supports auto-detection by looking for some common I7 keywords, but it only highlights (with a default CSS) what the IDE highlights, which is to say section headers, comments, strings, and string substitutions. Nested comments are supported.

I’ve made a question/answer on the site for updates:
I’ll try to keep that up to date