Proper way to store images or pack files Sugarcube 2. 31. 1

<<say 'coachman' 'C:/Users/jarri/Downloads/coachman1.jpg'>> 

is what the coad currently looks like. And if I shorten it at all it doesn’t seem to work.

If you put the images into an “images” folder where the EXE is, and then use:

<<say "coachman" "images/coachman1.jpg">>

does that work?

If not, what error do you see in the console window? (You may need to hit F11 or Ctrl+Shift+I to open that window.)

THAT DID IT! Thanks you guys! I’m so bad at coding and you guys are making me slightly better everytime I come here.
As always, much appreciated.

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No problem. Glad to help. :grinning:

Just make sure you include the EXE and any other media folders (such as the “images” folder) together within the ZIP file (or whatever you use to package it all together). Also, make sure that the capitalization of any of the paths or filenames you use in your code exactly match the capitalization of the actual paths and filenames, since some operating systems are case sensitive.

Have fun! :grinning:

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