Proofreaders/testers needed: The Story of Mr. P.

This is currently being worked on – no further help necessary. Thanks a lot to the nice people supporting me!

It’s almost time… Released a couple of weeks ago as part of the Textpäckchen project, my latest game now exists in a first English draft as well. Now it needs testing, though not (primarily) the usual one. The game mechanics should be quite solid already (the only real error source I see is disambiguation problems which might very well occur).

What I need help with is related to the English language instead. Obviously, I’m not a native speaker. This story (which I attempted to write in American English) lives from language details: Choosing the right words, finding the right way to put things. I don’t have the experience to judge whether things “sound right” (on top of formal grammatical correctness). Whether the sayings, the figures of speech make sense.

Maybe somebody here can help with that. I can provide the game file (Z-Code) as well as a raw list of text strings. So whether you want to give the game a run the regular way or you’d rather see a full list of the contents in question without the trouble of discovering everything in-game, your help will be appreciated! Send me a private message or reply here (with contact information) if you’re willing to take the task (knowledge of any other languages than English is not necessary at all).

P.S. In case you’re wondering what kind of game this is, it’s hard to put it in a non-spoilery way, but this is the tagline: “One morning, when P. woke from peaceful dreams, he found himself in his bed – still his old self.”