Prompt user to hit enter before continuing text?

Is this possible, or would I need an extension?

For example, if a player typed:

Open Door

You open the door slowly, the ancient hinges groan in protest.

or or <…>

(then when the player hits enter)

Staring you in the face is the witch.

What a fabulous use of the medium to increase suspense. I look forward to seeing your stuff.

It is possible to do what you want, but I’m not home so can’t look it up. There are a couple of ways, from memory. You could begin a new scene. Not sure on the other but if you search the documentation / recipe book for “press any key” or “press space” what do you get…?

The phrase you want is “wait for any key” which is part of the built-in extension “Basic Screen Effects” by Emily Short-- see the documentation of that extension for details.

If you want the user to press enter, you’ll want “wait for the SPACE key” (which also happens to work for the enter key, but not any other key), like so:

Include Basic Screen Effects by Emily Short

The Antechamber is a room. 
The Tomb is a room. 

The tomb door is a door.
The tomb door is east of the Antechamber and west of the Tomb. 

After opening the tomb door:
	say "You open the door slowly, the ancient hinges groan in protest.
	[paragraph break]
	<Press Enter>";
	wait for the SPACE key.

In the IDE menu bar you can go to “File -> Open Extension -> Emily Short -> Basic Screen Effects” and see what the SPACEPause function is doing; I think keycode 13 is the ENTER key.

It sure is! However, the SPACEPause function also accepts keycodes 31 and 32, which represent the spacebar and something else (the down key?).

You may also want to consider the “pause the game” phrase, which refreshes the screen after hitting the space key. If you do choose do to this, add a paragraph break after the “pause the game” phrase since the top line can get cut off in certain interpreters.

Hope this helps.

Wow! thank you for all the replies! This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks all!