Programming Inform7 using VORPLE

The reason is mp3 is a non-free patented technology, and would people like to pay to get a browser with mp3 audio elements? … t-in-audio

it might change in the future (if it’s not already the case, I don’t use much mp3 so I didn’t test this)

(by the way ogg vorbis is a more efficient encoding format).

I tried also to play some sounds with Vorple, but it doesn’t work as expected (either in firefox or chromium):

When play begins: play ogg sound file "file01.ogg".

A lot of things have been added, but not publicly. The next version will be released together with the next version of Inform 7.

Do you have some clues about the next version of I7 and Vorple? :wink:


I’ve been using VORPLE quite a lot and am really looking forward to seeing the new release. I really hope that some of the features such as buttons are fully implemented. That would move inform7 into a whole new realm.

If I can help in somme way, please let me know. The spring geocaching event is coming up and one of my entries uses VORPLE extensively. I’ve managed to do without, but buttons would make it far more “professional” looking.

I guess it might be released the 28th of April, like all major releases of Inform7…

The next release is mostly cleanup, I7 compatibility and fixing existing features, not that many new features I’m afraid. Somewhere in the near future there are plans of integrating the Twitter Bootstrap library which would include buttons among other things, but that will be at earliest in the release after the next one.

Are there any news on Glulx support?

Yes, if Glulx support isn’t there yet I’d be willing to spend a bit of time working on that.

The thing with Glulx is that a JavaScript support is planned for a future revision of the specification, and I don’t want to create an intermediary solution before an official one is available. If you want to work on the Glulx support the way to do it would be to craft a proposal for how it would work and then discuss it with Zarf for inclusion in the spec. We wouldn’t have to wait for the new Glulx spec to become “official” but it would be important that whatever Vorple uses it would be fully future-proof.

Hacking in an extra stream would be conceivably just an hour’s work, but the full JS system is so much more. :frowning:

I don’t know enough about Vorple’s internals to comment, but – Wouldn’t it perhaps be productive to implement a limited version of Glulx support with minimal or no JavaScript, just to enable Glulx projects to take advantage of Vorple’s typographic and media capabilities?

Glulx already has native support for multimedia, the problem is that it hasn’t been implemented in Quixe/Parchment. An ideal situation would be if multimedia support was added to the interpreters, then you wouldn’t need a temporary hack at all.

Actually; the absence of Glulx support in the currently parchment interpreter was probably one of the biggest reasons that I started using Vorple. I think that the emails I’ve exchanged with Juhana would confirm that.

Now, after working with Vorple for a year or so, I’m actually seeing possibilities that I wonder if a parchment update to accomodate Glulx would have addressed.

I’d really enjoy seeing more published about the philosophy behind the various interpreter platforms. I’d hate to see a nice web-enabled interpreter like Vorple suddenly decline in popularity due to a mistaken belief that a parchment update for Glulx would be a full and complete substitute.

Vorple really does more than that, yeah. Really, the reason to want Glulx support on Vorple isn’t for multimedia but simply because Glulx game files can be arbitrarily large while the z8 format has limitations that you can hit against pretty easily nowadays; some i7 extensions, for example, don’t fit in z8 or only barely fit.

See Sequitur’s comment above: Vorple isn’t going to suddenly decline in popularity, because very few games have been made with it to date.

Good to hear that, maya.

Actually; I’ve just about got one adventure written using Vorple. Been working on this one for a few months.
I’m hoping to have it posted on the site sometime around Easter.
It’s meant to be a way of introducing a cipher that contains the coordinates of a geocache.
Not sure how a non-geocacher would find it, but I might upload it as an example at some point.

Is there a way to get the information that is normally printed by the Inform command, “try requesting the story file version;” into a Vorple “show alert” statement? I’d like to get it to show in a dial box, rather than just dump it into a notification on the screen.

Yes, with:

Carry out requesting the story file version: mark the current action "dialog".
…with the caveat that the dialog’s ok button is broken at the moment as mentioned in the other thread.

Ok. Will have to wait for a fix.


On the index.html page we have a nice sidebar with links to different things like the story file and the play in browser link. However, I don’t see that sidebar on the play.html page in vorple. Is there a way by which I can get the left sidebar with all the links in the play.html page too?