Problems with Wade Clarke's menus?

Having the following issue with Wade Clarke’s menus:

I’m using Inform 7 build 6G60, does anyone know a quick fix for this?

Hi, this is Wade. I haven’t had to touch my own extension for a few years now but I can turn to its documentation to try to help troubleshoot.

I think the first thing to check is make sure you’ve got the right version of the extension installed for your version of Inform.

If it’s a 6G60 project, you need Menus v2. (For a version of Inform later than 6G60, you would use v3.)

There’s probably more than one place you can download v2 these days. I’m not sure where those places are, so it will be simplest if I attach v2 to this post.

If you are already using v2 (check by looking in the first line of the extension, or by typing ‘version’ if you can get your game to run with the extension in it — except you currently can’t —) then there may be some kind of table/variable naming clash with another extension you’re using.

But step 1 is — check whether using v2. If not, install v2, make sure Inform is definitely referencing v2 when it tries to build, then see if it does build. Let me know how you go.

Menus.i7x (122 KB)