Problems with the verb MOVE

I’m having trouble with, what seems to me, a very trivial thing. I want to allow the player to move something. so, in my code I inserted

Instead of moving the corpse, say "I'd rather not."

Unfortunately Inform balks at this. Even though the parser clearly understands the verb “move” I can’t seem to use “moving” to override behavior.

So I though I’d try adding this…

Understand "move [something]" as moving.

But for some reason, Inform balks at that, too.

Am I missing something here? Move is such a basic word that I think it has to be part of the overall database, and I can’t imagine I’m the first one to encounter this problem, but for some reason I just can’t seem to get it to work for me or find information about it.

Thanks for any suggestions.

The problem is that “move” is a parser synonym for “push,” and in your code, you need to refer to actions by their root name: “instead of pushing the corpse”. The way that I figured out that “pushing” is the ur-action here (I guessed, but did not know off the top of my head) was that I went to the Index, then looked at the “Actions” tab, and searched that page for “move.”

I should say that another way to figure out the name of the action being invoked is, in playing-the-game mode, to type “actions,” which will list the actions taking place by their internal names. Like so:

Thanks so much, guys. To use “Actions” on this never occurred to me - doh, stupid beginner mistake, I guess.

It’s a pretty common mistake, so you shouldn’t feel bad about it at all.