Problems with TADS running in DOS from diskette.

Hi! (I mistakenly posted this under the wrong thread a minute ago… Sorry)

I have a problem with the TADS interpreter in DOS.
When using the Frotz interpreter in DOS it loads the file from the floppy and keeps the whole thing in memory.
(.Z8s bigger than 600 k works flawlessly on my 486 with 4 MB ram and no Hard drive.)

But with the TADS interpreter, (both the 16 and 32 versions) it keeps chewing on the floppy every time i loaded a “.gam” and try to write ANYTHING.

And eventually it crash all together. I have tried to find a solution on the internetz without any success at all and would be very grateful for a bit of
illumination in this question. Is there something i can do to handle the files as good as Frotz?