problems with mail delivery in IF

Hi! I’m writing my first IF game using Inform7, I’m trying to write a scene where when you visit a room and pick up a certain item, then the mailman arrives and delivers a letter (which takes place in another room).

If you open the mailbox before the mailman arrives it’s empty. After, there’s a letter inside for you.

Can anyone suggest a simple way to make a letter appear inside a mailbox after the mail is delivered?

Thanks for any help…

You just move the letter to the box, like so:

[code]The Front Drive is a room.

The dog bone and the mailbox are in Front Drive. The mailbox is a closed openable container. It is fixed in place.

The letter is a thing.

After taking the dog bone for the first time:
say “Just as you pick up the bone, a mailman walks up to your mailbox. He puts a letter inside and leaves.”;
move the letter to the mailbox.

Test me with “z / open mailbox / look in mailbox / close mailbox / get bone / x mailbox / open mailbox / get letter”.[/code]

(I put the mailbox in the same room with you in order to make it easier to see what’s going on.)

Hey thanks so much, works!!