Problems with links in Map view

I am currently trying to build a road map for my project.

All is going well till I try to link the dark blue (region 1) to the beige (region 2).

As you can see I only managed to link one E5 (dark blue, region 1) with 6S (beige, region 2).

I tried to link the others in a similar manner but then it scrambles my whole map.

I tried it from both ends but still scramble my map.

This is only one area where this happen and there are plenty other places on the map the same thing occurs.

Any idea what cause this and how I can fix this?

Inform7 links

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Can you explain the behavior a bit more? Like I assume you want to do something like map PS east of W6 - what does the map look like if you try that?

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Below is want it is doing most of the time.

I only changed one line of code and only the last part was added (and west of PS)

W6 is a road in the Streets. W6 is north of 6 and west of PS.

I just want to link all the blue ones with the beige ones in a straight line.

Inform7 links2

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Many people just use the map internally, so by default if you’re doing tricky connections it gets wonky and it’s not a big deal so long as the game works correctly. But check out chapters 25:18-25:23 in the documentation:

25:18 Improving the index map


Thanks will have a look.

I need the map to be correct as the planning of my project will depends on the accuracy of the map.

I anybody have suggestions or alternatives please share.

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I think the point is that the connections will work correctly when you play the game, it’s only the visualization that is wonky. The visualization of the map doesn’t show up in game and does not affect how the game works.


Yeah - if you really want the IDE map to look nice, you can look through the docs Hanon linked to (notice the “offset” setting that lets you manually tweak where rooms show up), but of course a player will never see that. It might be better or at least easier to make a map in something like Trizbort instead, which includes a handy automap feature (here’s the Windows-only download link, here’s the browser version for other OSes).


Thanks for all your help

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Thanks for the help

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Can I import my current Inform map layout code into this program or do I need to start from scratch?

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I don’t believe there’s a way to import directly into Trizbort but there is an automap feature - if you just quickly run around, it’ll build a map which you can then manually tweak and label as needed.


I believe you can also feed it an existing transcript instead of doing it live.

Essentially it can’t build a map from code (to my knowledge?) but it can infer the map by watching you play or reading a transcript. And if you build a map in Trizbort it can spit out map code for you to paste in to create it in code (in Inform and several other formats.)


Thanks, will give it a go

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