Problems including the Glimmr Canvas Editor in a new project

Does any here know how to fix this error? I’m trying to test the Glimmr canvas editor. I believe I have all of the required extensions.

The error you got suggests that you are trying to include other Glimmr extensions from your project; as the docs for the Canvas Editor explain, Inform doesn’t deal well with that. All of the extensions you need are included automatically when you include the Canvas Editor, so there’s no need to include other extensions in any case, so that the only source code you need to compile the Canvas Editor is

Include Glimmr Canvas Editor by Erik Temple.

You’d probably also want to follow that with the figure declarations that you’ll be using in your game as well, though, e.g.

Figure of Annex is the file "Annex.png". Figure of Chamber is the file "Chamber.png". Figure of Cross is the file "Cross.png". Figure of Entry is the file "Entry.png".

If you’re still having trouble, please post back here with the full source for your editor project.


If you’re still having trouble, please post the complete source of the editor project that you’re trying to compile

The thing was, though, that I could get that error even if that include line was the only line in the entire project.

However, I have somehow managed to fix this by uninstalling all of the plugins, downloading r.3.3, and only grabbing the plugins that generated errors if they were missing. I had installed a bunch of plugins at once yesterday when I reinstalled the Inform 7 IDE, and I suspect one of the extensions I had might not have been up-to-date, perhaps from r.3.2 or from the Inform site. If I ever figure out which one it was I’ll let you know. Thanks for your help and the work you put into Glimmr and Inform 7.

Whew–I’m very glad you figured it out, because that situation would probably not have occurred to me!