Problems displaying images ...


I’m running I7 on my Macbook and have some problems displaying images in my story.

The image file (half-moon.jpg) is in a folder “new york materials/figures/halfmoon.jpg”. My source code (which compiles without any errors) looks like this:

[code]Part Mechanics

Figure of Halfmoon is the file “halfmoon.jpg”.

Chapter - Beginning the story

When play begins: display the Figure of Halfmoon; say “In late April 1609…”[/code]

In the preferences I have set (in the Advanced tab) Interpreter=Glulxe.

As I said, I can compile the story without any errors, but when I preview it inside I7 or release the story and try it with Gargoyle, the image won’t show.

Any ideas what I’m doing wrong here?


If the file structure in the Mac version is like the Windows version, it should be New York Materials/Figures/halfmoon.jpg.

Ah, it was just an error in my first posting. I have the image in the right directory. If I compile the thing Inform tells me that all went well and that it put the two figures/files in the blorb-file. The graphics just don’t show up in game. Are figures/graphics supposed to show up inside the Inform-interpreter?