Problem. You wrote 'Definition' - er, no I did not!


I keep getting this message no matter what I do. There used to be a “Definition:…” line in my code, but I removed it. I even reinstalled Inform 7 and I even cleared some caches (supposedly) with a cleaner app.

I still get the message. Can anyone help? Have I accidentally messed up the General Rules file or something? The file popped up when I first got the error message, but I don’t think I messed with it.


Do you get this error when you compile a minimum game? E.g. “There is a room.” -> compile?

The definition concerned is probably in the Standard Rules (or else an extension), but the bug is much more likely to be in your code.
Maybe you’re trying to use an adjective in a way that isn’t allowed.

For instance, the Standard Rules say “Definition: Something is visible rather than invisible if the player can see it.” So “visible” is defined by a condition to be tested, not by a simple binary flag, and that means you can’t say “now foo is visible”.

Some other possible culprits are worn, carried, held, touchable, concealed.

Yep! Got it!

I actually wrote somewhere “now the so and so is carried,” instead of “carried by the player,” which conflicts the definition “something is carried when it is carried by the player.”