Problem with Twine duplicating

Twine Version:2.3.13
Story Format: Harlowe 3.2.1

If I tag a passage as startup

It will duplicate the text i put in IE

Enter a Name then click START

(input-box: bind $name, “=X=”, 1, “”)[[START]]

Will produce
Enter a Name then click START
Enter a Name then click START

So when you assign a passage with the ‘startup’ tag, it will occur in the very first passage when you launch the game via debug. It will only ever occur in the very first passage of your game when it loads, so if you’re debugging the passage containing the startup tag it will print it twice.

You can see how this functions if you try to debug test other passages. If you don’t want this to happen, then you shouldn’t use the startup tag, and instead set the passage with your code as the starting point for your story. Hope this helps!

Exactly right. Thank You.

Your question isn’t clear about what exactly content you are placing within your startup tagged Passage, and what content is within the ‘other’ Passage, And when you say IE do you mean the Internet Explorer web-browser?

I created a new test project that consisted of the following two Passages:

1: A passage named Start which was marked as the ‘Start Story Here’ passage. I placed the line of text from your example within it.

Enter a Name then click START

2: A passage named Startup which I assigned the startup tag to.
I placed the following code within it as a test, although normally you would NOT put textual content within this passage as its purposed is for initialising variables.

Where variables get initialised.
(set: $variable to "value")

I tested the story in a number of web-browsers and I didn’t see the doubling up of the “Enter a Name then click START”. I didn’t test Internet Explorer because that’s not a supported web-browser.

I found that using the startup tag is suitable for setting variables etc but not text.