Problem with scenery priority

Can I suppress a default room description for a non-scenery item? Undescribed won’t work in this oddly specific scenario.

The player is underwater, surrounded by wild fish and holding a tin of fish. The wild fish are described in a custom room description paragraph, so I want them to be scenery, but if they are scenery the player inputting ‘get fish’ attempts to take the tinned fish the player is already holding, which makes no sense. Using undescribed again forces the undesired action.

So I suppose I either need to make the wild fish not scenery and create a rule to remove them from the room description, or somehow make a scenery item a priority over a non-scenery one (I tried does the player mean: with no success.)

Hope this makes sense, and thanks for reading.

The immediate answer to your question:

Rule for writing a paragraph about the wild fish:
	now the wild fish is mentioned.

The practical answer is, just make the fish scenery and don’t worry about tuning this particular command. The noun disambiguation system is complicated. If a “does the player mean” rule fails – and I honestly don’t know why it fails in this case – then it’s not worth digging farther in. The player will see something like:

(the tin of fish)
You already have that.

…and shrug and type “TAKE WILD FISH”.