Problem with releasing gblorb with figures

Hi, I’m trying to release a gblorb file, but I keep having a problem I can’t solve. In the game, I have a figure of a map, which I include with this code:

[code]Figure of Map is the file “map.jpg”.

After examining map:
display Figure of Map.[/code]
The map file is in my Figures folder and works fine when I play the game within Inform, but in the released version on my website (here) it doesn’t display the map. It just says “[Picture number 3 here.]”

When Inform releases the file, it says it included 2 figures. Are those the two cover images? And if so, does that mean it’s not including the map picture for some reason? How do I get it to include the map in the game?

Thank you for any help!

Quixe, the web interpreter for Glulx, does not support image or sound display at this time.

Oh, well that explains it. Thanks! What’s the typical way to have a game with images and sound playable on a webpage then?

With Inform, you currently can’t without a lot of non-trivial extra work :unamused:

Technically you would need to break out Vorple ( and such. This is why to date, I think there’s only one Inform game online with sound (Guilded Youth) and either one or a handful with graphics.

This is frustrating, but if I make a game using Inform, this is the situation I’ve got until kind and capable people produce an online interpreter that runs the graphics and sounds.

  • Wade

It appears that the new version of INFORM to be released shortly may go someway to integrating with Vorple.
We’ll have to wait for the details though. See Graham’s message here

Well, if not trivial, it’s not exactly hard either. Download the interpreter and extensions, install them, and change the code to

Include Multimedia by The Vorple Project.
Release along with the “Vorple” interpreter.

After examining map:
display image “map.jpg”.[/code]
The new Inform release will include the interpreter so you can skip the download and install part.

You are limited to Z-machine though so if the game is too big for Z-machine, this won’t work. It’s also a bit more work to get pictures work in both online and offline interpreters.