Problem with read-topic tracking.

The read topic tracking doesn’t work well if you’re using a tabbed browser.

It appears it only will mark a thread / category as read when you click on the “board index” link; if you just close a tab it still lists those regions as having new posts.

It does the same thing to me when I read a new message that’s the only new message in a board. I have to go back to the list of topics again after exiting out before it’s marked as read.

They had several betas after this one. And last I looked, they were up to the 7th release candidate since the betas. I kind of wish we were on version 2, since it’s supported and the RC’s are supported and there’d be a way for us to upgrade from 2 to 3.

I hope at some point we can figure it out. It’d be nice to get various bugs taken care of, without losing more than a year’s worth of discussion. Because that’s really not an option.

Looks like the upgrade fixed the problem.

It fixed the UBBCode bug as well, although the legacy codes in existing posts have been an issue. As I come across old posts that show UBBCode instead of actual styles, I just fix it by editing and re-saving the post.