Problem with Numbered Disambiguation Choices

This code:

[code]“Apples” by Victor Gijsbers

Include Numbered Disambiguation Choices by Aaron Reed.

Orchard is a room. The player is in orchard.

A green apple is a kind of thing.
A yellow apple is a kind of thing.
A red apple is a kind of thing.

In orchard are a green apple, a red apple and a yellow apple.

The basket is a container in orchard.

Test me with “put apple in basket / 2”.[/code]
doesn’t work. It gives the error “I didn’t understand that sentence”. Weirdly enough, it works perfectly if you type “1”, and it also works perfectly if you have single objects rather than representatives of kinds.

Am I simply being hit with this Inform 7 bug (see also this topic), or is there some way I can solve this?

Looks like the same bug to me, seeing as Test me with "put apple extraWord in basket / 2". works.

Ah, OK. In that case, I’ll mark it as “unfixable”!