Problem with Grimnoir

so, I downloaded after extracting it, I tried to open the Grimnoir html file, it does nothing. also, are there any interactive fiction games with sound? if so, where could I find them?

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I don’t know about Grimnoir, but to answer the second question, yes, there is IF with sound! Though there’s not very much, and I suspect it’s because making effects and music actually sound good requires very different skills than coding and writing.

I know because I’ve tried it. Here’s a very short game of mine with sound effects at the beginning and music which starts up partway through: The effects are very homemade sounding because they were just recorded by me at my desk.

I used the Vorple interpreter ( to make this work. It’s probably the best choice for using sound with Inform. Twine allows the use of sound too.


What browser are you using? I’m using Chrome after downloading and it works fine.

Grimnoir has sound. This search may help you find more games with sound:

when I tried it with chrome, it said, chrome cannot handle this file. also, what’s that photo?

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I downloaded it from here:

And there was no photo in it, just a .html file. Sounds weird!

there was a photo right above the search for games link, that’s what I was refering to.

Ah, strange, that doesn’t show up in my browser (unless you mean the IFDB logo, which does show up).

it’s in the email message.