Problem in Flexible Windows Extension


I am trying to use the extension “Flexible Windows” and run into a problem when I build the code. I want to test the first example of the extension “Inventory Window”.

The problem says:

[code]Problem. It looks as if ‘Table of Common Color Values (continued)’ is meant to be related to an existing table, but I can’t find one if it is.

Perhaps you’ve put the new part before the original? The original has to be earlier in the source text.[/code]

The problem occurs in the extension at the following line:

[code]Section - Background colours

Include Glulx Text Effects by Emily Short.

Table of Common Color Values (continued)
glulx color value assigned number[/code]

It seems the extension want to extend the table which does not exist in the “Glulx Text Effects” anymore.

I have no idea how to resolve this problem. Maybe someone else had this problem and can hep me?

I am using:
Inform 7 IDE (7th September 2014; 6L38)
Built in Extension Glulx Text Effects v 5/140516
Flexible Windows v 13/130803

kind regards

Version 14 of Flexible Windows is on Github; to download it right-click on “Raw” and choose the “save” option. (I haven’t used it so can’t vouch that it works on the latest Inform–I know a big revision of the extension was planned and don’t think this is the end product. But it probably works.)


thanks for your reply. I am using some more extensions and I do not get it to work. My solution: Now I am using an older Version of Inform 7 IDE (6F95) which is supported by Flexible Windows and it works fine with other extension I am using.