Problem in creating code for player command 'enter house'

I am trying to find a way to over rule the built-in Inform7 rule when the player types enter house as inform 7 thinks that the player wants to go inside the object house.

I have tried these things
Instead of entering the house:
Try moving player to front room.

enter house is an action applying to one thing.
Understand “enter house” or “enter the house” as enter house.

Check enter house.
If player is in front of house, move player to front room.

Any suggestions would be welcome thanks.

Regards Brian

Try this:

Instead of entering the house: move the player to the front room.

The “try” syntax is used when you want to carry out an action – things like “try going north,” “try inserting the noun into the second noun.” “Move the player” isn’t an action like that; it moves the player to the room without using the action machinery.

For A Killer Headache, I created a kind of backdrop called a facade. A facade would represent the exterior of a room or region and it would be located wherever that place could be entered:

[code]A facade is a kind of backdrop. A facade is usually scenery. A facade can be enterable. A facade is usually enterable.

The Trailer-Exterior is a facade. It is in Trailer-Road. The printed name is “trailer”. Understand “Cloudliner”, “KC7”, “Trailer” as the trailer-exterior. The description is “It doesn’t look quite as dilapidated on the outside, but it’s still clearly falling apart.”

Instead of entering trailer-exterior, try going north.[/code]

That’s weird… This is from my WIP. Very similar to yours.

An exterior is a kind of thing. An exterior is usually scenery.
Every exterior has a direction called heading. The heading of an exterior is usually inside.
instead of entering an exterior, try going the heading of the noun.

So replacing “facade” for “exterior” it works just the same, except instead of

Instead of entering trailer-exterior, try going north.

you’d just go

The heading is north.

Great minds think alike!

I didn’t do it that way because I use the same facade for different sides of the same building. That way I can handle “examine” and random odd actions on the building, and only going needs to be specialized to each entrance.

Funny that! I use this code.

[code]A pseudo enter item is a kind of thing. A pseudo enter item is always fixed in place. A pseudo enter item is usually scenery. A pseudo enter item has a direction called the reroute direction. The reroute direction of a pseudo enter item is usually inside. The specification of a pseudo enter item is “Represents scenery that appears to be enterable. Entering such items will divert to going in the reroute direction. Mainly used as a scenery double for adjacent rooms.”.

Check entering a pseudo enter item (this is the convert entering into going rule): try going the reroute direction of the noun instead.[/code]

It seems that this is a popular way of doing things! :smiley: