Problem changing the initial appearance of a character

Hello hello

Here is my code

When Night begins : repeat with P running through living prostitutes which are not in the location of the player begin ; move P to a random room ; now the initial appearance of P is "[P] is obviously waiting for a man." ; end repeat.

I assume it is simple enough to be understandable by everybody here :slight_smile:

the problem is this one :

I can’t understand why it’s impossible to print the name of the character currently treated by the program. And the most important : is there a solution ? :frowning: many thanks …

now the initial appearance of P is "[item described] is obviously waiting for a man.";

One day I’ll finish reading the manual, I swear.

Thank you very very much :slight_smile:

The problem with your first try is that the text “[P]…” is effectively a function that prints stuff, including the variable P. It’s going to outlive the local variable P, and Inform doesn’t support true closures, so the compiler can’t do this.

“The item described” is a global variable (the I6 variable “self”) which handily refers to the current object (in most contexts).