Probably A Dumb Question

This might seem a new question but as I work through Learning T3Lite this piece of code doesn’t keep anything out despite it being nearly cut and paste from the source. To better explain it I want to be able to put food into the stove but nothing else. Thank you

stoveFarmHouse: Heavy vocab = 'stone stove; stove' desc = 'A meticulously maintained stone stove with a compartment near the bottom to stoke a fire. With a larger inner area for baking.' location = kendrickFarmHouseKitchenCaerleon remapOn: SubComponent{} remapIn: SubComponent { isOpenable = true notifyInsert(obj) { if(!obj.ofKind(Food)) { "You're only meant to put food in there! "; exit; } } bulkCapacity = 15 } ;

I figured it out. I wasn’t including advlite.h. I figured it out almost as soon as I posted this.

You want a double-quoted string for your desc, not a single-quoted string.

Another pointer. vocabWords doesn’t have a definition like that in the docs. The docs shows.

‘adj adj adj noun/noun/noun*plural plural plural’

stone is adjective or adj
stove is your noun.

so you could have just defined vocabWords = ‘stone stove’

I’m guessing since there is no other symbols the parser will just split that at white space and store it internally, but don’t quote me on that.

Another example, consider apples inside a basket of apples.

vocabWords = red apple*apples

adj noun*plural

One from Eric Eve’s book (Learning Tads 3):

vocabWords = ‘small red hard round cricket ball*balls’

adj adj adj adj adj noun*plural

I hate to high-jack a thread, but it is related, and might of benefit to both the poster, and I.

When do you use the / symbol to separate nouns, and how does it work with plurals?

stone stove/kiln/oven.

Now imagine a room with many of them.

stone stovestoves/kilnkilns/oven*ovens?


Never mind. This is about adv3lite. Oopsy…

Eric Woodworth is referring to Adv3Lite, which has different format of vocabWords than original Adv3.

Ah, sorry, I regress then.