Printing room description details

I can’t seem to get the compiler to stop listing every “thing” in the room. I.E. doors, supports, windows, containers and whats in them. everything in the room and containers shows up in the Printing room description details.

I know I must be missing something here as I’ve already run through the entire manual and followed the instructions to a T. Three days later and I’m still trying. Any suggestions on how to hide objects (things) from the room description?

Defining some objects as ‘is scenery’ will keep them from being listed. Also make sure you know the difference between this:

The sofa is a supporter in the living room. "It's an ordinary sofa."

And this:

The sofa is a supporter in the living room. The description of the sofa is "It's an ordinary sofa."

Unless you specify ‘The description of’ Inform will take any text you add in quotation marks after you define an object as that object’s initial description, which means it will be printed when you look at the room the object starts in. If you want to hide text until the player types ‘examine sofa’, it’s the second form you need.

Hope that helps, somewhat.


Gave it a shot and it worked. Thank you for the help. I would have been smacking my head against a wall for a long time with that.