Printed name mysteriously empty, only in room description

I’m attempting to model objects that can be set on fire. I want the game to tell the player what sort of char state the object is in whenever it’s mentioned, so I added a rule for printing flammable objects that includes the appropriate state along with the name. This works for examine, manipulation verbs (like burn), and in showme, but in room descriptions the flammable object is elided entirely! I started messing with the rule for printing room description details, and found that when printing the room description, it thinks that the flammable object is nothing, has no (or an empty) printed name, and has an invalid char state. What gives?

A thing can be flammable.
A thing can be firestarting.
char-ness is a kind of value. The char-nesses are unburned, flaming, and burnt.  Everything has a char-ness.  The char-ness of a thing is usually unburned.

Instead of burning a flammable thing:
	if a firestarting thing is visible:
		say "You set [the noun] on fire using [the random visible firestarting thing].";
		now the char-ness of the noun is flaming;
		say "There is nothing here to set [the noun] on fire with.";

Rule for printing the name of a flammable thing:
	let N be the printed name of the noun;
	if the char-ness of the noun is:
		-- flaming: say "[N] (currently on fire)";
		-- burnt: say "charred [N]";
		-- otherwise: say "[N]";
Rule for printing room description details of a flammable thing:
	say "[noun] / [printed name of noun] / [char-ness of noun]"

The Lab is a room. There is a match in the lab. There is a paper in the lab. 
The match is firestarting.  The paper is flammable.

Fixed it myself:

Rule for printing room description details of a flammable thing (called flamor):
	say "[the printed name of flamor]"

It turns out that [noun] in printing room description details is the nothing object. Win!

Oddly though, [flamor] doesn’t work, above. Dunno why.

Was just going to suggest that. What happens when you pick up a flaming paper and take inventory?