Previewing and testing IFComp entry

Hi All,

Registered for IFComp 2023 and saw there is a preview option including a Play online button. Now I uploaded a new version but Play online seems to refer to the previous upload and when I do in game a restart it seems to hang. Any tips on how I can get this kind of thing sorted out? When I ran my game from within the Borogove app I never had problems restarting my game…

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Hello, Onno.

Your browser may be caching information. Please ensure you’ve done a hard refresh (shift+refresh) on both the link from the IFComp site and your game. If the issue persists, please email us at for help — we do not check the forums (someone mentioned your post, but I may not see responses).



Hi Jacqueline,

Shift+Refresh did the trick! I wish all technical challenges were this easy to resolve…

Kind Regards,


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