Preview: "Nautilisia"

[size=85]I really want to release this game, but my beta testers are still getting the kinks out of it, so I hope you’ll forgive a transparent attempt to generate some buzz.[/size]

[spoiler]Coming Soon: An Interactive Fiction: Nautilisia

What is “Nautilisia?” Nautilisia is adventure.

Nautilisia is high fantasy.

Nautilisia is a philosophical tour de force.

Critics are already saying:

Nautilisia is a philosophical tour de force.” - Ryan Veeder
“GOTY 2012.” - someone has probably said this at some point
"I hope you dropped it. - Robert Rothman
“This game will blow you away.” -

Nautilisia will be released pretty soon, depending on how this week goes.[/spoiler]

That means this one is… not a game about crime?


Honestly, I can’t wait. :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to typing “take break” while on the enchanted beach. I’ve always wanted to carry around a break in my inventory (assuming, of course, that it doesn’t give me a break in an important bone).

Robert Rothman

haha. Once I had no tea.

I hope you dropped it.

Robert Rothman

My common sense told me not to.

I actually put an Easter egg-ish reference to the “no tea” thing in The Spy Who Ate Lunch.

Robert Rothman