Prealpha testers wanted for"Project Red," a mimetic thriller


If anyone would like to help test a psychological horror/thriller interactive fiction game codenamed “Project Red,” currently in its prototype stage, and offer feedback and/or suggestions, it would be quite a treat for its author.

The game design is experimental, and currently “in development;” comments on the usability of the interface and how it is introduced to the player during the opening would be especially appreciated.

System Requirements:

The “Project Red” system is implemented as a scripted web page and is meant to be browsed locally. A web browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Opera would be required for testing, and the total size of the game data download is currently around 600 kB when decompressed.

(The game also partly works in iPhone/iPod, though the author is aware that saving does not appear to function correctly on that platform at the moment.)

You Can Be Recruited:

If interested in being a guinea pig, please PM the author on the forum for more information, or by email at luteinhawthorne on Google Mail.