Pre-annoucement announcement

There’s been more than one thread where people have said they want a competition between the end of IFComp and start of Spring Thing, and then everyone nervously shuffling and avoiding eye contact because nobody wants to volunteer to do it.

Well, I am officially volunteering. It’s going to be a little different than anything run before. I will make the full announcement about a week after IFComp is over.

This will go live roughly after the IFComp postmortem chat (or during perhaps, given there’s no end time) which starts at 4PM EST on Saturday, November 20th.

Probably want to hold off until someone decides whether it’s the 20th or 21st. :confused:

Any (rough) idea on the Dates, etc.?

I usually run a New Year’s Minicomp, but I’ll be happy to skip this year if your competition runs parallel to it.

It’s the 21st, Saturday.