PR-IF Meetup at MIT Tonight

I’ve stopped posting these here, figuring that most anyone interested would have joined the mailing list ( But I suppose new people join here occasionally, so I thought I’d post an occasional notice here.

Anyway, the People’s Republic of Interactive Fiction ( at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in Cambridge, MA. We sit around and talk about IF and related subjects, and sometimes we poke around at things (last meeting, we checked out the IntroComp entries, for example). And sometimes people prepare something to present.

Everyone is welcome. You don’t need to have made an IF game to attend. You are allowed to just sit there and listen.

Afterwards (usually by 8:00), some of us head over to the Cambridge Brewing Company for food and/or drink and some more conversation.


I don’t know if i envy you for the meeting itself, for the fact you meet at the MIT, or for the brewery. Anyway, I envy you.

  • from a solitary IF aficionado in Florence, Italy.

Come to London and we’ll start a Euro-IF group… :smiley:

That’s sounds interesting! Always good to hear of potential new IF groups.

That could be interesting. London is just 2hrs away.

I’d be interested if you-all could pull off something like what IF fans pulled off at PAX. Especially since, well, western Europe isn’t as wide as the US. Surely there’s some yearly event?

Language barriers could be a problem more than country borders from what I understand of the Euro zone, but it’d be neat to try.

So to the original poster, definitely keep posting them, because this topic seemed to give a few ideas :slight_smile:

If one is targeting folks here on the forum, it seems like it wouldn’t be much of an issue at all – they’re already selected for speaking English.

Good point. I guess I meant, if people want to hold it in a central location, England would not be so central, and people would have to navigate a new language for a bit. Or am I being an Ignorant American here?

Well, if it’s going to happen, we’ll need someone to start it off. I nominate Joey!