Potential 6L38 Mac glitch with documentation search

I’ve noticed that on occasion I will search for a phrase in the upper right search box to locate it in the documentation. This brings up a new window with results.

Sporadically if I search again in the upper right box in the IDE when the results window is still open, the results window will glitch and draw improperly. Repeated searches tend to make the window write over itself as if the position of the window is miscalculated. It will not function correctly again until I7 is closed and restarted. It doesn’t seem to affect the IDE at all. I thought this was my system, but it continues since the last incremental update and on my completely new computer.

I glanced at Mantis and I’m not quite sure how to search for what I’m looking for on there. If anyone thinks this is a serious enough bug, I’ll dig in and submit it.

I’ve had that happen too.

Yes, I’ve seen it as well, on OS X v10.9.5. I would encourage you to go ahead and submit it if you haven’t already.