Posting TADS 3 games with css

I’m interested in posting a TADS game online with a custom CSS file. According to the online instructions, all I upload is the t3 file compiled with the web version of the library.

Is there a way I can use a custom CSS file instead of web TADS default? Or do I have to set up a custom server for this?

I have not done it so I don’t have a definitive answer, but you might want to check the Web UI section the T3 System Manual (in the Workbench, use the Search tool to search for CSS).

Here’s what it says about resources (I assume a CSS file is just another resource)…


It is actually very easy - just create a folder named “webuires” in your game’s source directory, copy here all the files you need to customize from the same named directory in library and modify these files as needed, adding any other images, css, js files. Then specify webuires as a resource.

For example I’ve created a library file

name: Multiplayer Chat source: extensionChat resource: webuires and my webuires folder contains: cmdwin.js chatwin.css chatwin.htm chatwin.js layoutwin.js main.htm main.js, some of which are new files and others are slightly tweaked conterparts of original from library. Next I’ve included my extension with -lib extensionChat in makefile. That with frob on linux, but it should be similar in workbench.

What Jerry cited is valid in general case, useful for example when generating some responses dynamically from within TADS code, but everything which reside in /webuires/ path is automatically treated and served as a static resource so no need to worry.

Thanks for helping, both of you. I got webuires to compile as a resource, will play with this more later.