Post Comp Release (ver. 3.0) of Andromeda Awakening.

This seems to take longer than I expected, so I’m encouraging everyone to try the new release of Andromeda Awakening, temporarily held at:

(will be soon available @ …/glulx).

Those easily lost can download the full map (.pdf) in the same dir.
No walkthrough available, although the game is quite the same as the comp version (and you can find it in the IFComp2011 dir, in ifarchive), apart from the ending sequence (see below).

What’s new:

The title: Andromeda Awakening - The final cut.
This is because of:

  • A new beginning sequence (now you start inside the apartment)
  • A few puzzles have been revised:
    • The ticket can be obtained in a slightly different way
    • There IS a ticket vending machine in the station
    • You don’t NEED to “PUSH CLIFF” ingame; what has to happen happens anyway, although you CAN push cliff, if you want
  • New verbs and synonyms added (“GO TO”, “RESEARCH” as “CONSULT x on y”)
  • A new ending (5 more rooms, 2 important documents for more insight as to what is happening)
  • A VERY SLIGHTLY polish of the text (still bulky, still purple)


  • Afterwords for ending the game in victory
  • Explanations to some artifacts etc (after ending the game in victory)
  • Better clued puzzles (i.e.: you don’t need to examine the walls to understand something is wrong)
  • Less (or none) “repeat-the-command-to-do-a-simple-thing”

And, finally:

  • 200+ improvements (I dunno if it is true, but it sounds sooooo Apple)
  • What was cyanotic, is still cyanotic. (And no: cyanotic doesn’t mean #6600FF).

Hope you have fun. Re-review or vote in IFDB as soon as the game is released there, if you want! I’d like it!

It is on air!

Have fun!

Congrats. Sorry I never got around to finishing the last test version.

You can play it from IFDB, now! Your help was valuable!

I found this in an old box…

Hah! I like it.