Post A Fun/Interesting IF-Related Link!

(Marshal Tenner Winter) #1

(This might take off, it might not, we’ll see.)

Just for fun, post a favorite/fun/interesting/enlightening/rare IF-related link!

It could be an article, or a video, or just about anything relating to everyone’s favorite pastime!

Maybe this will make for a fun topic to let people share and check out IF-related links that you might not have otherwise known about!

I’ll start! I just found and watched this Zork Postmortem talk by Dave Lebling. It’s a couple years old but I never saw it until today.

Don’t be shy! Post something! Here’s a chance to share random stuff!


MC Frontalot’s “It is Pitch Black” about how you’re likely to be eaten by a grue is made of awesome:

(Brian Rushton) #3

Glasser’s postmortem on Coloratura is really, really good (this is my favorite page of it):

(Billy Mays) #4

Aaron Reed’s “Interactive Fiction Time Lapse”

A perfectly executed video that demonstrates the amount of work and passion that’s involved in creating interactive fiction.


At the risk of posting something everyone already knows:

Clash of the Type-Ins is literally my favorite thing online today.

Jenni Polodna and Ryan Veeder play IF by telling the author what to type, over Skype.
Certainly not spoiler-free, but they don’t usually play the whole thing.

(Marshal Tenner Winter) #6

Some sort of Zork fan film. :laughing:


This old book: “Creating Adventure Games On Your Computer” … r-computer

Which is a guide to programming text adventures in BASIC.