"Portcullis" ready for testing (testing request)

Hello all,

A beta for my new game “Portcullis” is at http://versificator.net/portcullis-beta/

There’s a walkthrough at http://versificator.net/portcullis-beta/portcullis-walkthru.txt

If you’d like to try it out, thanks so much - all feedback is welcome. My email is robindouglasjohnson@gmail.com, or you can post here.

Thanks so much!


[Edit: bugs fixed due to diligence of betatesters already:

  • Maynard couldn’t talk properly
  • the chef moved you to the front of the castle instead of the kitchen
  • the image of the blackboard in the alchemist’s hut wasn’t loading (please report if you see this one, because I’m still not sure why it happened)
  • one ending was broken.
  • shopping at the market: picking up both items and typing e.g. “BUY SNOWGLOBE” would buy both items instead of just the one specified
  • “pick up banana skin” would sometimes try to do it twice
  • Interface: clicking on the text output area now focuses on the input area (unless you selected text), so you can’t get lost by clicking
    If you’re seeing these particular bugs you might have the page cached with the bugs in, so please try SAVE-ing your game, hard-refreshing, and RESTORE.]

Some more fixes: there was an action you have to do at the beginning which was more arbitrary than I thought, so I made the event it triggers happen pretty much by itself (so if you were stumped waiting for something to happen in the inn at the beginning, you can just go there and wait, if you’ve read the note) and there are now illustrations of all the NPCs.