Port of Infocom games to SCI

Hello all,

I’m currently in the process of porting Infocom games to SCI (Sierra’s Creative Interpreter) - starting with Zork I. My main goal in the project was to create a tool that could take any Infocom game be able to turn out SCI source code, which could then be compiled into a fully-working game. The intent is to retain all original game-logic - I’m using the ‘Reform’ decompiler tool hosted at http://www.darkweb.com/~benrg/if-decompilers/ to accomplish this.

Initially, the project is focusing on simply porting the game into the SCI engine as ‘text-only’. As it matures, I hope to implement a ‘first-person’ style game (similar to Myst or 7th Guest) & then move on to a more ‘traditional-style’ Sierra game. I’ve hacked together a simple demo, but it’s not overly functional - mostly consists of room descriptions & placement of generic objects on-screen. The project is currently hosted over at http://www.sciprogramming.com.

Any feedback would be appreciated!