Popular MUD's

I was just wondering as I’ve still yet to come across any popular (not abandoned, totally devoid of ‘life’) Sci-Fi/Future Based MUD’s, so do any exist these days?

A year ago I was much more into MUDs than IF. However, I stayed on fantasy-themed MUDs with strictly enforced roleplay for the most part. I remember hearing about an attempt at a commercial science fiction RPI (roleplay intensive) MUD on an RPI community site, but that site has been offline for a long time now, and I have no idea if the MUD was ever launched.

Iron Realms Entertainment is apparently developing a new SF MUD called Tears of Polaris, but it doesn’t look to be open yet. Here’s the URL of it’s forum: forums.tearsofpolaris.com/.

Sorry I couldn’t be of much help.

Bainespal is correct, there aren’t any really active SF muds right now. According to mudstats.com it looks like Miriani (a MOO) and Otherspace (a mush) are the most popular, with 48 and 45 logins respectively as the current 30 day average.

Of course there are a ton of fan themed muds out there too.

Thanks for the replies, they are helpful. Basically shows not much in the way of SF muds around right now I guess.

I’ve always wanted to make a SF mud that was less SF-fantasy like Star Trek/Wars. I read Red Mars recently and I think a colonization, maybe crash-landing colonization kind of setting would be cool.

You might try checking at mudconnect.com/

Merk thanks for the link.

I think what I’d like to play is not exactly a MUD or MU*, certainly not a strict RPG variety, I’m not really into RP, I’d prefer more of a world where I can freely wander around and occasionally bump into real players who are also present in the world. NPC’s would ideally be there to interact with, I guess it would be sort of a multi-player text adventure set in space with a whole galaxy to explore. Tears of Polaris looks interesting I will keep an eye on when it opens.

To have an isolated colony on a distant planet and the possibility of leaving the planet to explore the surrounding planetary system I think would be fun, just so long as no dragons, elves or trolls, or any annoying crowds of humans!

If I had ever finished it – and promoted it so that more than just 2 or 3 people actually played – http://www.starlock.com/ would probably have been worth checking out. The game is text-based, but with rampant illustrations for everything. Six years worth of off-and-on development did yield some substance, but it runs dry after about 3 or 4 weeks of playing. It’s not exactly interactive fiction – it’s more link-driven, but with the start of what was going to be an NPC text-input conversation engine at parts. Actually, I could give a laundry list of all the things it has or was going to have – an eBay-like auction system for in-game commerce (done), inventory and psuedo-magic system (done), hundreds of locations on dozens of planets (partially done), MUD-style interaction/chat so that you “exist” in the same world and at the same location as other players there (done), two-player javascript billiards (done), other single-player javascript mini-games (done), in-game script designer so people could write and distribute in-game mini-games (partially done), over a hundred storyline quests comprising 25 “levels” of advancement (quests for 5 levels are done), etc.

Wow looks great, very impressive! Sadly I guess it’s like the other sci-fi/space type games that I’ve found to date so far, empty and devoid of life :frowning:
I visited OuterSpace MUD, it was just me and the NPC robots and droids there… “helloo anyone here, anybody at home?”

At last after months of sporadic searching guessing at keywords and following links I have found what I was looking for, an active multiplayer sci-fi text game.
I don’t think it’s classified as a MUD, it’s ‘science fiction roleplaying’. The game is great, I thought other people here might be interested in checking it out.


The set up and interface are good, it’s pretty impressive I have to say.

Best of all it’s free, which is always a big plus!

Maybe I’ll come across you in Alpha Colony :wink:

Excellent! New open alpha ‘RPI’ role playing intensive Sci-fi MUD…


The Open-ALPHA phase of Atonement takes place on a giant space-vehicle flying through deep space, AWESOME!!.. see you there :wink: