Just curious: are there any good IF-related podcasts? The only things I was able to find hadn’t been updated in years and/or only had one episode available. I’d love to see (hear) something along the lines of Another Castle but specific to IF, or perhaps an audio supplement to SPAG.

If such a thing doesn’t already exist, would there be sufficient interest to justify its creation?

That’s an outstanding idea. You can bet I’d listen.

Jacqueline Lott and I have discussed doing one a few times. I’ve resisted thus far because she has a trained radio voice and I have an unprepossessing mumble and a tendency to break off halfway through sentences in order to rethink them. Also when we’re talking naturally we interrupt each other a lot. And organising the things is a non-trivial job.

So, like most projects that I would like to see done but am unlikely to do, I am all in favour of someone else doing them better.

I think a Jacq and Sam IF podcast would be awesome.