PMs Outbox vs Sent

Hi to all on this great forum!

This question is going to appear noobish at best, but here goes anyway…

I recently sent a private message and have a question.

Why does the message reside in my Outbox folder and not my Sent folder if it has been sent.

Maybe I am being dim here :blush:

Yours inquiringly,


When the recipient reads the PM, it will appear in “Sent.” As long as it’s still in “Outbox”, it means you can still edit it if you want.

Thanks RealNC for you quick reply.

Ok, so if it still resides in my Outbox I can still edit - that’s great.

If I do edit it, then send the edited version, does the recipient receive 2 messages or just the later-edited message.

Forgive my lack of awareness on these matters, I am completely new to forums/boards.

Love your avatar by the way!

Yours gratefully,


Only the edited one.

Thank you Trumgottist.

Much appreciated. It’s the simplest things like my question and your reply that make the world go round :slight_smile: