plundered hearts

Does anyone know where I can find a copy of Plundered Hearts? Someone suggested I might like this game, but I can’t find it on IFDB or ifarchive.

You can buy it on the iPad under Lost Treasures of infocom, although it may stop working when iOS 11 comes out.


I have bought Lost Treasures several times as well as many of the original Infocom games, but they are also available online on various abandonware sites.

Basically, from my understanding, all of the classic Infocom games are currently owned by Activision as intellectual property which is why there are no links to them on the IFDB except for the Zork trilogy which is shareware [edit: the original Zork trilogy is still owned by Activision, not shareware, and considered their intellectual propery]? I wish Activision would at least release the [complete] Infocom collection on gog or steam for PC. They are all readily available on a very popular abandonware site.

manuals for those games:


Activision owns the Zork trilogy too. The downloadable versions of Zork 1-3 are not really any more legitimate than the downloadable versions of all the other games you can find around the web.

The exception is HHGG, which is owned by the estate of Douglas Adams, or at least that’s how it looks. There’s a licensed version on the BBC web site.

EDIT: Also Shogun, which is probably owned by the estate of James Clavell. Or so we assume by the fact that Activision has never published it.

Those two aside, Activision has released their games on iOS (although the app will probably stop working in iOS 11), and a selection of them on GOG and Steam. (Search for “Zork Anthology”. Includes Zork 1-3, Zork 0, Beyond Zork, and Planetfall.)