PLSG #10: The Valley House

I’ve put the last in the Painless Little Stupid Games series on my Website for betatesting. To download it to your interpreter, go to … 20House.z8.

As you see, it’s a z8 game (I think because of the number of objects implemented), but still very brief. Quoting from the ABOUT text:

The Valley House is puzzle-free interactive fiction. The story (such as it is) will proceed without your help, or you can try to discover the activities that push it forward. There’s time to look around you and explore your surroundings - cursorily or in detail - in the spaces between time transitions. The game will carry you through a day, in some ways a typical day, in other ways not. How much you discover about the nature of this day, and your part in it, is up to you.

Please send any comments to (symbols for words) payyasi at hotmail dot com. Thanks!

Bob Reeves