Plover.Net Hosting

Hey folks…the renewal for Linode hosting has come due. It’s $216 for a year and I have one donation for $50 so far. I’d like to minimize my costs so if anyone else is using Plover regularly, please consider a donation at the home page. (



Hi, everyone.

Even if you don’t host stuff on Plover yourself, I’d like to point out that Plover is who hosts (free of charge!) all the ClubFloyd transcripts. So, if you read those and appreciate them and are financially in a position to do so, I’d be very pleased if you tossed a donation Dave’s way. I’ve just made my donation as well.


  • Jacqueline

Now I’m curious, what else does Plover host?

That’s David Welbourn’s page of many walkthroughs and other goodies.

Also .

I host all my IF-files there.

Update: I’ve collected $132 so far.

Thanks again,

David C.