Plover.Net and IF Mirror

Hey folks,

I’m in the process of reducing my expenses and sadly, my IF outlays are some of the things that I need to retire or reduce. has been one of my volunteer support efforts for the IF community and I plan to keep it moving forward, but with reduced capability. It’s expense totaled roughly $1,000 per year and I want to get that under $250/year.

I’m working on moving the server’s contents to the cloud at (same place where the mud is hosted).

Effectively immediately, the IF Archive mirror at plover is shut down.

If you have a plover account, there may be some move disruptions, but everything will be fine after the move.

Any websites related to the IF Comp should be moved to reduce bandwidth. There will be strict bandwidth monitoring as well, so please don’t use plover for large files of any kind.


David C.

I’ve removed plover from the Archive mirror list. Thanks for hosting all these years.

All accounts and services will be moved this weekend.

You hopefully will not see any large hiccups.

Everyone should thank Vimes for taking care of plover for us.

David C.

I didn’t quite get to moving everything over the weekend, but sometime this week.

Thanks to everyone who was involved in plover. I used it a lot before I really discovered this community. Didn’t know it was you folks but probably should’ve guessed.

We’re all moved over. The server is now hosted in the cloud. As always, IF friends are welcome to a free account which includes e-mail and we can host domains. The only caveat is that bandwidth should be of the low-end variety. I’d prefer plover not be involved in any large downloads or repositories.

David C.