Please unban me from your discord server. please

recently I have started using twinery after several years of taking a break from it. I tried to join the discord server and according to my sister, we trolled in the discord when we first started using it. It has been several years after that and I can assure you that I’ve grown(idk abt my sister tho). In conclusion, please unban from the discord server. I swear I won’t troll again :frowning: My user is Philaphobe#5600


This forum is not related to any discord server. As far as I know there is no one here who can help you. Why don’t you just create a new user?

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The community isn’t that large. A lot of the key players get around.

I’ll assume you’re referring to the Twine Games discord. I don’t see your ID under bans. Have you tried rejoining the server?

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There is no one here than can help you.


I recommend you consult the appeals/rejoin process for the Discord server you are attempting to access. does not knowingly involve itself in other sites’ drama and cannot appeal to off-site moderators or administrators on behalf of any user.


For the record, this section of the IntFiction forums is technically the official Twine forum, and he’s referring to the official Twine Discord, so the two are indirectly related.


Yeah, but it’s kind of patchwork. Twine is an IFTF project (led by Chris), but the Twine Discord is organized within that committee, not here. I see that Chapel and TME are mods on that Discord, but I had to go there and look to find that out.

Do we know that or is it still a guess?

Do you know of any other Twine Discord channel that’s been around that long? :stuck_out_tongue:

So, if “know” means “believe with a high degree of certainty”, then based on what Philly said, yes, I know that’s what they’re referring to. :wink:

I don’t know how long any Twine Discord channel has been around!

I think the person made the right move. After browsing for two seconds they probably spotted TME responding to questions and knew their post would be seen.

The suggestion by Stian to create a new account is absolutely the wrong move, in my opinion. If you’re banned, avoiding the ban by creating an alt account isn’t going to get you any love from the mods. Politely asking for a second chance will though.

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To be clear. Two of the Twine Games discord admins, myself and Chapel, and one of the mods, Greyelf, also frequent intfiction and the twinegames subreddit—among other places. As I noted before, we get around.