PLEASE make documentation for your titles!

I cannot stress this any further. Thank you. :slight_smile:

You may not be able to stress it any further, but perhaps you could explain just a wee bit?

it’s that simple, especially with parser based IF titles, document your games with command availability (ie NORTH, SOUTH, possible phrases, even programmed in game is beneficial if able, HELP), as optional, maps for certain games that might give some people hard time, yadda yadda… PDF is king as well :stuck_out_tongue:

Perhaps directing people to take a look at some of the manuals for Infocom’s games might help clarify what you’re hoping for in game manuals:

Andrew Plotkin made a handy postcard that’s a general guide to playing parser games that can be included with a game or used as a starting point to write your own documentation.

Best advice: if you have special commands or irregular uses of them, document their use, preferably in-game. If you can make it part of the game, that’s even better.

One of my attempts:

I’ve also had good luck with pointing first-time players of parser-based IF to the Playfic tutorial which does a really great job of introducing new players to standard commands while letting them get used to the interface.