Please help me with my very basic question ;)

@Victor Okay, if that is the best way I guess I’ll do it like that.

@GiannisG You are right, however my project is already way past that point and there is actually no more handcuff, but a rope ^^

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I have a problem regarding “try” and a custom action. I want a player to be able to mount something on something, but I want the parser to understand putting (and inserting) as mounting under specific circumstance. However, I get an error message:

“You wrote ‘try mounting the wheel stud on the wheel flange’ , but ‘mounting the wheel stud on the wheel flange’ is too vague to describe a specific action.”

However, I have no clue as to how this could be made more specific. :upside_down_face:

understand "mount [something] on [wheel flange]" and  "attach [something] to [wheel flange]" as mounting. mounting is an action applying to two things.

check mounting:
	if the noun is non-mountable:
		say "This can not be mounted on the wheel flange." instead.
check mounting:
	if the noun is the old circular saw blade and the wheel stud is not on the wheel flange:
		say "It needs to be be held by something." instead.
carry out mounting:
	now the noun is on the wheel flange;
	say "You mount the [noun] on the wheel flange.".
Instead of putting the wheel stud on the wheel flange:
	try mounting the  wheel stud on the wheel flange.

Is there a reason you couldn’t make “mount” a synonym for the existing putting it on action - which probably already behaves how you want it to - MOUNT PICTURE ON WALL and PUT PICTURE ON WALL, MOUNT TIRE ON WHEEL FLANGE/PUT TIRE ON WHEEL FLANGE pretty much work.

The thing you’d want to do is make the wheel flange a supporter, but limit what it can support with a rule:

Understand "mount [something] on [something]" as putting it on.

The front axle is a supporter. It is part of the used Ford Fiesta.

Check putting something on the front axle:
     If the noun is not the new tire:
          say "The only thing that will fit is a tire." instead.

Before putting something on the used Ford Fiesta:
     if the noun is the new tire:
          try putting the noun on the front axle instead. 

Thank you. I kind of wanted to know how to do this because I also wanted to redirect the action from inserting, since arguable you can both put something on and in the wheel flange, depending of perspective. But I guess just going with synonyms is easier for me.

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