Please Help Me Assess the Puzzle Difficulty for the IF Audience


I usually create puzzles for escape rooms, as well as puzzle hunts and ARGs.

However, I’ve entered my first ever game jam, and I’m not as familiar with this audience. I’ve played a number of adventure games in the past, and I think the style of puzzles I’m creating may be different.

And so I wonder if the puzzles are too unfamiliar, and thus too difficult and inaccessible because of that unfamiliarity. (Or maybe it isn’t, I haven’t played enough modern IF games!)

I’ve tested it with my normal beta test group, but I’d love to have people from this audience take a look at it and give an honest assessment.

If you are willing to beta test my game, that would be wonderful! (My submission deadline is on Dec 20th)

It will take a bit over an hour, possibly two hours.

I even have a discord to discuss spoilers if you are interested in chatting afterwards:

Thank you so much! :slight_smile: