Please add ZIL Code to Authoring Discussion

Hi Admins,

Would you please consider adding ‘ZIL Code’ as a standalone option under the Authoring Systems discussion section?

Thank you!

I’m not sure that’s warranted. There have been, from what I can see, less than 10 ZIL(F) posts this year in the Other Development Systems board.

Can we please try it? People won’t post if they don’t know it’s an option and, with respect, browsing the forum you could easily come away thinking it’s either TADS, Inform or ‘other’ but not raw ZIL coding. It sort of feels like an “if you build it they will come” scenario, using my Facebook group as an example when I first made enquiries I had 3 people show interest! Not worth it right? I did it anyway and now we’re at 60+. Give it 3 months, if there’s no interest then remove it?

You’ve got a good thing going in the Facebook group. Adding a board here only for it not to be used would probably only make it look like ZIL is a dead technology. Or worse, it might fragment the growing community you have already. But lets see what the other mods think.

We can definitely add a link to the ZIL FB group though like we have for the Twine, Quest, and Adrift forums.

Magnus - I haven’t looked at what’s there yet. I suggest if there’s not one, create a “ZIL - Main Discussion” thread. If it stays busy, it will hover at the top of the current topics list.

If it explodes into a zillion posts, then we would certainly consider making a permanent section for it.

Fair points, well made.

A link would be great, many thanks!

Sounds fair. Thanks.