Playing with ZIL & ZILF

I’ve been learning ZIL (squeezing time in where possible!) for about 3 months now, and immediate thanks must go to Jesse McGrew above all else for his patient tutoring. Additional thanks must also go to Alex Proudfoot, Jack Welch, Jeremy Harden and Howard Sherman. A further big thanks goes to Mr Dave Lebling for his support.

There is a small but steadily growing repository of *.zil files from which you can pinch ideas and code.

To anyone else who may wish to give it a go in the future then please help yourself to the code in the repository… … tukV27wMoA


Why not github?

We’ve got BitBucket that’s work in progress, but for a quick “grab some code examples” then GDrive is great. This isn’t recording revisions or shared access of course, it’s just a simple repository.

Why not github? ZIL’s repositories are there, most OSS is there. BitBucket is more for private repositories, isn’t it?

No one uses G-Drive for anything, do they?

Vaporware does primarily use Bitbucket actually:

I can say that the Friends of I7 model works quite well. No one has requested access and then gone on to vandalise anything, and even if they did, the commit history and distributed nature of Git means we could recover it all. So if you find the shared G Drive getting unwieldy, that’s what I’d recommend doing.

They certainly do sir - but define “no one use’s it” i.e do you mean for general program development? The answer to that would be no they don’t, but as a singular shared repository to dump ‘stuff’ of interest then absolutely they do; I use G Drive all the time. We use it at work, I use it for various retro projects that i’m working on, anything where you don’t need version control and multiple user access to single documents for collaborative working. If i’m sharing out single, finished, linux images for Raspberry Pi (for example) then absolutely we use G Drive for that. Most people have a Gmail account, so they have access to G Drive and in fact have their own G Drive even if they don’t use it.

Also, why not have multiple points where people can access content?

People use G Drive a lot, and for a lot of stuff, i’m more surprised that anyone would think that people don’t use it.

Anyways, no worries, we have a BitBucket too which i’m happy to share the link for once we’ve beefed up the content. :slight_smile:

Thanks Dannii. Yeah so we have a BitBucket also, i’ll confess i’m new to it so getting to grips with it but the other ZIL Revivalists (including Vaporware; Mr McGrew) are more experienced with it.

Again the G Drive is just a quick and dirty “buffet style” store, grab yourself some files etc and then if you’re interested then you’re more than welcome (anyone) to access the BitBucket account.